I Now Have An Instagram Account

I do know that almost every people has an Instagram account and I think you also thought that I’ve been using Instagram for ages now.

Well, you’re kinda wrong. And right.

That doesn’t matter now!

I just made an Instagram account yesterday (and already have 2 photos posted). Recently, I was a bit curious about photo editing and decided to take a shot. I actually enjoyed it!

My future edits will be posted under the username @kaiphotoedits and I hope that you’ll check it out!

As of now, here’s what I have:

I’m really looking forward to improving in this type of medium.

Drop your usernames in the comments! I’ll check them out!

See you on Instagram!

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Let’s talk about HEARTBREAK

Okay, what I’m going to address is something different with what I usually write but we all feel the same way about it.

Most people say, “You Only Live Once”. Do what you want before they all turn to regrets. Say what you want to say before it’s all too late.

And when it comes to one’s feelings, this is a tough thing to do.

I know that all of you are struggling with telling the truth, coming clean with how you feel for someone (or at least used to). You’d always think that the person you like would most probably turn you down in the end.

When I first had a crush on someone, I didn’t let anyone know about that. As soon as he switched schools, I already knew that I’m too late.

Everyone has been in this situation (if you still haven’t, congrats). What if you actually told someone how you felt for him/her? What difference would it make?

I already did. A year ago.
He already knew for a very long time now, but what hurts the most is that he doesn’t talk to me like how he used to. He leaves the table every time I come to sit. He ignores me when I’m telling him something, especially online.
I feel like a disease to him.
Just because I told him the truth.
I knew that I might lose my best friend if I told him, but I did anyway. Now here I am, thinking if I didn’t tell him that I have feelings for him. Would he still he talking to me?
“People come and go”, as some say.
But it really hurts to know the fact that he’s leaving my life.
If he doesn’t have the same feelings for me, that’s fine.
But I don’t want to lose him completely.
Do I deserve to hurt like this?
I guess I do.

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I hope you’re not as sad as me today!


I’m Leaving!

Hello! How are things going?

Things are going pretty well for me for the moment. I’m quite optimistic right now, actually 😂

I’m currently on Grade 10, the final year of Junior High. This year is also the time for me and my classmates to figure out what comes after, where to go next. Usually, we leave our school after Grade 10 since our school doesn’t offer the strand/track that we chose to be in. So, here I am, looking for universities to welcome me to their home.

I’ve always loved the idea of transferring schools because I haven’t done it before. I’ve been in my current school for more than 10 years now and I think I’ve had enough of it. I think my stay in this prison cell is long enough already.

If you still don’t know me, I always want to see something new, something different. So changing school is more of an excitement rather than a sad moment. Sure, I’ll miss all the memories and friends I made here, but I want to seek my true self, who am I and what am I going to be. The only way to find that out is to switch schools.

Finally, it’s my turn to choose what strand I should pick. I’ve been jealous at my sister when she did the same 2 years ago. Now, I can choose what to study! Finally, I can now study what I do for a hobby in school!

I’ve just started Grade 10 a month ago but I am already applying since I don’t wanna lose the slots. I just do hope to get in my top school choice!

By the way, I chose Arts and Design Track (obviously). It’s the only choice and the best one I have!

I should probably start studying now for the entrance exams, right?

Wish me luck!!!

Have you ever switched school? What does it feel like? Share your stories in the comments! I think I’d need them


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So yeah, our school year started again ugh.

How are you all? Are you currently in school? On a vacation, maybe? Or perhaps have a job already?

Anyways, my topic has nothing to do with school 😂

So, regrets. Big word, isn’t it?

I know you’re on the same page, that you also had some regrets. It may be small like not leaving the house on time or something big like betraying someone.

Here I’ll share one of my regrets which is just a small one but could possible changed my life.

My family and I happen to talk about Taekwondo last night because it could be my sister’s P.E for this year. My sister and I also used to take Taekwondo lesson when we were little.

You’re probably getting the idea at this point.

I quit Taekwondo.

I don’t even know why I decided to stop taking those lessons although I do remember being soooo afraid.

Why was I so afraid that time?

I was afraid that I’m going to be all alone.

When I was a kid, I used to follow what my sister does all the time. Some people might relate as well. I have no idea why, but I do whatever she says or go wherever she goes, being her own tail.

I don’t get to have my own decisions. I don’t know how to decide on my own that time.

So when my sister decided to stop training, you know what I did. Plus, we just received our yellow belts that time!

Up to now, I was still thinking about what if I continued Taekwondo. When we were talking about it last night, my mom told me that I was about to compete for the first time when I left. Imagine what should’ve happened if I didn’t.

Imagine what belt I should’ve been wearing if I was not tailing on my sister.

Imagine how strong I should be right now if I didn’t let fear capture me.

Remember this, don’t be enslaved by your own fear. Don’t let it manipulate your life because soon enough, you’ll end up questioning yourself just like me right now.

I do know that nothing is too late and that I could start over again, but I just thought of how things would’ve been if I let myself speak for my own choices.

Your turn! What is that one thing you regret doing/not doing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Love over Fear

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Shuffle Song #1: EON BREAK by Virtual Self

Hi! How are you?

Welcome to the my new segment, the Shuffle Song Picks. I will be featuring here some of the music I listen to. They may be the best, they may be a little weird for your ears. Besides, it’s in shuffle! 😉

For my first pick, may I present to you EON BREAK.

Virtual Self is an alter ego Porter Robinson made where he creates music that is different from his signature sound (hence the name). While Robinson’s genre is Synthpop mixed with other electronic genres like Indie Pop, French House and Electro, Virtual Self is more on Nu-Trance, Hard Trance and Speedcore. The tracks that he made under this alias definitely reminds me of the sounds of some old video games and I suggest playing his EP, Virtual Self, while gaming (even if I’m not knowledgeable with gaming). Porter Robinson, however, is a big fan of video games (most specially Dance Dance Revolution) which could possibly be his inspiration for producing the track.

It is a very interesting track so I highly suggest you to listen to it!

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I love Porter Robinson.

Let me know what you think about my song pick in the comments! Do you think you will listen to more Virtual Self after hearing it?

Have a beautifully awesome day!


Time For Change

As I said on my last post, I’m cutting my hair short. I did it!

I’ve always been curious about how I would look like with this kind of hair style. To explain it all to you, it is a pixie cut with (I guess) a double side bangs. I don’t know if you get the picture, but I just asked the hairdresser to do the Hazel Grace haircut. Maybe that’s simpler.

I don’t actually know if my hair looks like Hazel Grace, though. Anyways, I’ve never had the exact same haircut that I wanted. On the bright side, I actually like it.

The thought of cutting my hair really short just came up to me because of how sweaty I got during the summer with my old short hair. I can’t do a ponytail with it so I had to put it all down. I also had a hard time doing sports with it because I only wore headbands (yeah, I could just clip them or use some rios to put my hair in place but I don’t know how). I know that those reasons are too shallow. I also thought about doing this because I want change. I want to be different. I want to challenge myself and experience new things. As soon as I thought about it, I became spontaneous and quickly asked my mom if I could get my hair shorter and as soon as I already had it short, I began to fear what others would think of me.

So far, my family is happy about the outcome. They say that I looked like a volleyball player that got shrunk. I guess I will take that as a compliment. My friends, I would not say that they liked it 😂. As soon as I sent them a picture, one of my friends said that I looked like a lesbian (which I expect them to say that).

Since this is a really big change to me, I expect to receive the weirdest reactions once I get back to school again (which is in 2 days) although I still don’t know what to answer back. If one guy asks if I’m a lesbian, what would I say? “Thanks?” That would be a weird one, wouldn’t it? I’m still thinking of a good answer that would tell them to go f*ck off and I’m not a lesbian. Maybe the first one might sound harsh.

I would love to hear your advices. Yes, I still haven’t been outside and only one had said this comment but I just wanna be ready because I know that more teasing will occur. I hope you’ll help me out in the comments x

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I’m not a lesbian. I only have short hair.

Have a great day!


Goodbye Summer!

I can finally say that SUMMER HAS FINALLY COME TO AN END. Well, in our country at least.

Summer has ended not only because I’m about to go back to school next week but because of the temperature as well. It has been raining for a few days now (especially today, it rained pretty hard). The temperature is starting to drop again which is what I’ve been waiting for so long. I’ve been waiting for this moment just so that I could finally wear my favorite clothes from some thriftshops again! Plus, I don’t like dripping sweat all over me when all I did was just to read a book on the corner. Finally, I can sleep happily again!

I don’t actually hate summer itself. What I love about it is the fact that I can sleep at around 1 am and skip breakfast. I could also just lay on the couch all day (I kinda did that this summer) and then suddenly realize that summer is about to end and I’m gonna panic for a while for not accomplishing anything. Well, that’s the definition of summer vacation, innit?

These kind of things are some of what I’ll miss about summer. I’d also miss the leisure times that I get to have (which is, in fact, the whole day) to just be productive with art and learning more about guitar (yes, I do play guitar). I might also miss some friends I’ve made online, thanks to Yes Theory. I still have no idea if I could still get in touch with them while I’m busy with school myself.

What’s the point of this blog? I also have no idea. Maybe this is just a review of my summer? You decide.

I just wanna say that I love summer no matter what flaws it would have.

Now, I’m entering my last year in my school which was my school since kindergarten. I don’t know how will it go, but one thing’s for sure: I’m gonna have the greatest memories before I leave the school with possibly the greatest friends I’ve ever met.

To start it all, I’m gonna cut my hair really short. And by short, I meant Hazel Grace-short. I don’t really know why, but I just feel like having a short hair. It makes things faster when getting ready in the morning.

What will you definitely miss about summer? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know about them!

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Winter is coming.

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“Cute Boy Hunting”

Where my girls at? There’s this one secret that I’ve been hiding that you might also relate (especially to those single ladies). I know you’ve been in this kind of situation too and maybe you’re just too shy to talk about it.

Do you ever feel like having a crush on someone you just saw passing by?

I know that’s a weird thing to say! But hey, I think you have.

In my case, this happens most of the time when I go out of the house. Not all of the time, just mostly.

Being single that is sad deep inside, I’d always imagine myself if ever I have a boyfriend. What would it be like? How does it feel like? A lot of questions pop in my head when it comes to these things (especially that I haven’t been in any relationships).

One reason why I would go outside is because I might pass by to someone cute. And whenever I do pass by one, I’d just keep my eyes on him until I lose him on my sight. And no, my family or friends don’t know I’ve been doing this.

It’s just my thing now. I know this is a weird thing to say, but it does make me happy. It’s just fun to fantasize about stuff, especially those people that I find cute. I don’t care if they’re in a relationship already. They don’t know me after all and they wouldn’t think I was just thinking about them.

Let’s have this guy I just saw earlier in this writing and photo capturing workshop. He was just sitting at the table beside ours. Looking from behind, I just knew he’s cute and he’s even more so when he turned around! I believe he’s a great photographer.

If I just have my social life up there, I might’ve been chatting with him already. I’m just too shy to start up a conversation especially to a cute stranger. Maybe this is why nothing ever happens to me.

But I swear, he’s already my boyfriend in my dreams!

Do you have similar experiences with mine? Share some of your stories in the comments just to make sure I’m not alone 😊

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Single since birth

Have a great day!


I Managed To Get In The Yes Theory Community

If you are part of the Yes Theory Fam, you know what I mean. Yes Theory finally created their official Facebook group for their subscribers namely Yes Theory Fam, and this has got to be the best group I’ve ever been in.

The group is definitely filled with spontaneity since it’s only been up for a day or two but some people already planned a meet-up in Paris! They said they will temporarily stop accepting requests because tons of people are up for a new adventure (but I don’t know if they’re accepting again)

I feel like a lucky person to have been accepted. Truly the group is filled only with love. You could definitely build friendships with people you haven’t even met! I already have myself my first pen pal after only a few hours of being in the group. I can’t wait to send my first letter to her! (I just hope my mom lets me send letters abroad) Yeah I know we already have technology and stuff but receiving a physical letter from the other side of the world is quite mysterious and I like that.

Anyways, if you are a subscriber and is still not in the group, you should definitely join. Click here.

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Spontenaeity is key

Have a good day!


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